BA         School board operational goals [PDF]

BAA         Evaluation of the school board/board self-evaluation

BB          School board legal status [PDF]

BBA       Board powers and responsibilities [PDF

BBAA    Board member authority and responsibilities [PDF]

BBB        Board membership – elections/appointments [PDF]

BBBA     Board member qualifications [PDF]

BBBB      Board member oath of office

BBBC     Board member resignation[PDF]

BBBD      Board member removal of office

BBBE      Unexpired term fulfillment/vacancies [PDF]

BBBF       Board candidates

BBBG       Board elections

               BBC          School board liability

BC         School Board member conduct [PDF]

BCA       Board member code of ethics  [PDF]

BCB       Board member conflict of interest [PDF]

BD         Organization of the school board  [PDF]

BDA          Board organizational meeting
BDB         Board officers [PDF]
BDC          Appointed board officials
BDD         Board-superintendent relationship [PDF]
BDE         Board committees[PDF]
BDEA       Board committee of the whole

BDF         Advisory committees [PDF]
BDG        School attorney/legal services [PDF]
BDH        Board consultants/staff assistants [PDF]

BE          School board meetings [PDF]

BEA       Regular board meetings

BEB       Special board meetings

BEC      Executive sessions/open meetings [PDF]

BED       Meeting procedures/bylaws

BEDA   Notification of board meetings [PDF]

BEDB   Agenda [PDF]

BEDC   Quorum [PDF]

BEDD   Rules of order [PDF]

BEDE    Second language procedures for board meetings

BEDF    Voting method at board meetings [PDF]

BEDG    Minutes of board meetings [PDF]

BEDH    Public participation at board meetings  [PDF]

BEDI     News media services at board meetings [PDF]

BEDJ      Broadcasting/Taping of board meetings

BEDK     Reporting board meeting business

BEE        Board hearings/appeal proceedings

BF         School board work sessions and retreats

BG        School board policy process [PDF]

BGA       Policy development system

BGB       Policy adoption

BGC      Policy revision and review [PDF]

BGD      Board review of regulations [PDF]

BGE       Policy communication/feedback

BGF       Suspension/repeal of policy [PDF]

BH         School board communications

BHA       School district log and/or motto

BHB       Use of school district/board member name

BHC       Board communications with staff

BHD       Board communications with public

BI           School board member services

BIA       New board member orientation/handbook [PDF]

BIB    Board member development opportunities [PDF]

BIBA  Board member conferences, conventions and workshops

BIC       Board facilities and services

BID     Board member compensation and expenses [PDF]

BIE      Board member insurance/liability [PDF]

BJ          School Board legislative program [PDF]

BJA      State legislative program

BJB      Federal legislative program

BK         School Board memberships [PDF]

BKA      Liaison with school boards associations

This Table of Contents contains all available policy topics for this section. It is not required that the district have a policy for each topic.

The School District of Edgefield County