CA        Administration goals/priority objectives [PDF]

CAA          Evaluation of school administration

CB        School superintendent [PDF]

CBA        Qualifications of superintendent [PDF]

CBB         Recruitment of superintendent

CBC        Superintendent’s powers and responsibilities [PDF]

CBD        Superintendent’s contract [PDF]
CBE        Superintendent’s salary, compensation and benefits

CBF        Superintendent’s conduct

CBG       Superintendent’s professional development opportunities

CBH       Superintendent’s consulting activities

CBI         Evaluation of superintendent [PDF]

CBJ        Superintendent’s termination of employment

CBJA             Dismissal of superintendent

CBJB             Retirement/resignation of superintendent

CC         Administrative organization [PDF]

CCA      Organization charts [PDF]

CCB      Line and staff relations [PDF]

CCC      Staffing formulas/ratios

CD         Management team/senior staff

CDA       Evaluation of management team

CE         Administrative councils, cabinets and committees

CF         School building administration [PDF]

CFA        School principals/building administrators [PDF]

CFB        Evaluation of principals/building administrators

CFC       Assignment and transfer of building administrators [PDF]

CFD       Site- or school-based management

CFE       School climate

CFF        Support personnel for building administration

CFG        Elementary school administration

CFH        Secondary school administration

CG         Special programs administration

CGA        Summer programs administration

CGB        School-based child care programs administration

CGC        Adult education/Lifelong learning programs

CGD        State and federal programs

CH        Policy implementation [PDF]

CHA        Development of administrative rules [PDF]

CHB        Board review of administrative rules [PDF]

CHC        Administrative rules communication

 CHCA             Handbooks and directives

CHD        Administration in the absence of policy  [PDF]

CI           Temporary administrative assignments
CJ         Administrative intern programs

CK         Administrative consultants

CL         Research/administrative reports

CM       School district annual report [PDF]
This Table of Contents contains all available policy topics for this section. It is not required that the district have a policy for each topic.

The School District of Edgefield County