DA            Fiscal management goals/priority objectives [PDF]

   DAA             Evaluation of fiscal management

DB            Annual Budget [PDF]

   DBA            Budgeting system

   DBB            Fiscal year

   DBC           Budget Planning

   DBD           Determination of budget priorities [PDF]

   DBE           Communication of budget recommendations

                 DBF            Budget hearings and reviews [PDF]

  DBG           Budget adoption process [PDF]

  DBH           Budget appeals

  DBI             Budget implementation

  DBJ            Budget transfers [PDF]

DC           Taxing and borrowing [PDF]

DD           Funding proposals, grants and special projects [PDF]

 DDA             Funding sources outside the school system

               DDB              Funding sources within the school system/mini-grants

DE         Revenues from tax sources

DEA             Funds from local tax sources

DEB             Funds from state tax sources

DEC             Funds from federal tax sources

DF          Revenues from nontax sources

DFA Revenues from investments   [PDF]

DFAA            Use of surplus funds

DFAC           Fund Balance [PDF]

DFB              Revenues from school-owned real estate

DFC              Rental and service charges

DFD             Gate receipts and admissions

DFDA            Free Admissions

DFE              Royalties

DFF              Income from school sales and services

DFG             Tuition income [PDF]

DG                Banking Services
DGA             Authorized signatures [PDF]

DGB             Check-writing services
DGC             Loans/employee credit unions

DGD            Credit cards [PDF]

DGE            Personal debts of employees

DH       Bonded employees and officers [PDF]

DHA                   Contracts/signing authority

DI         Fiscal accounting and reporting [PDF]

DIA                    Accounting system

DIB                   Types of funds/Revolving funds

DIC                  Financial reports and statements [PDF]

DID                  Inventories [PDF]

DIE                  Audits/financial monitoring [PDF]

DJ       Administrative intern programs[PDF]

DJA                 Purchasing authority

DJB                 Purchasing procedures

DJC                 Petty case

DJD                 Cooperative purchasing

DJE                  Bidding procedures

DJF                   Local/competitive purchasing

DJG                  Vendor relations

   DJGA             Sales calls and demonstrations [PDF]

DK         Payment procedures [PDF]

DKA                 Payroll procedures/schedules [[PDF]

DKB                 Salary deductions [PDF]

DKC                 Expense authorization/reimbursement [PDF]

    DKC-E(1)        Travel Request Form[PDF]
    DKC-E(2)        Travel Expense Voucher [PDF]

DL          Management of staff funds

DLA                    Employee benefits administration

DLB                    Tax-sheltered annuities

DM         Cash in school buildings [PDF]

DN          School properties disposition[PDF]

This Table of Contents contains all available policy topics for this section. It is not required that the district have a policy for each topic.

The School District of Edgefield County