EA      Support services goals/priority objectives [PDF]

    EAA        Evaluation of support services

EB     Environmental and safety program [PDF]

   EBA        Building and grounds inspections

    EBAA     Reporting of hazards/warning systems

    EBAB     Hazardous materials[PDF]

    EBAC     Environmental and safety audits

   EBB       Accident prevention and safety procedures

   EBBA    Prevention of disease/infection transmission [PDF]

   EBBB    Accident reports

   EBBC   Automated External Defibrillators [PDF]

   EBC     Emergencies [PDF]

 EBCA    Disaster plans

 EBCB   Safety drills[PDF]

 EBCC    Bomb threats

 EBCD    Weather-related emergencies

 EBCE    School closings and cancellations [PDF]

EC     Buildings/Grounds/Property management[PDF]

ECA      Security [PDF]

ECAB    Access to buildings

ECABA      Staff/Student identification procedures

ECAC     Vandalism [PDF]

ECAD    School and personal property replacement/restitution

ECAE     Security services

ECB       Building and grounds maintenance [PDF]

ECBA     Building maintenance

ECBB     Grounds maintenance

ECBC   Recreational facility maintenance

ECC      Building and grounds records and reports

ECD      Custodial services
ECE      Traffic and parking controls
ECF      Energy conservation [PDF]

ED                 Materials and equipment management[PDF]

EDA       Materials and equipment receiving and warehousing

                      EDB        Maintenance and control of materials and equipment

                      EDC        Authorized use of school-owned materials and equipment

EDD       Materials and equipment records and reports

EDE      Waste management and recycling [PDF]

EE                 Transportation

EEA        Student transportation [PDF]

EEAA     Walkers and riders

EEAB     Special education student transportation

EEAC     Bus scheduling and routing [PDF]

EEAD     Bus passes

EEAE     Bus safety program [PDF]

EEAEA        Bus driver requirements, training and responsibilities

EEAEB       Bus purchasing and maintenance

EEAEC      Student conduct on buses [PDF]

EEAED      Safety/bus patrols

EEAEE      Bus emergencies

       EEAF     Special use of buses

EEAFA      Extracurricular activity buses/field trips-special events    transportation

EEAG         Student transportation in private vehicles [PDF]

EEAH         Student transportation insurance

EEAI           Student transportation records and reports

EEB               Business and personnel transportation services

EEBA     School-owned vehicles

EEBB     Use of private vehicles on school business

EEBC      Business and personnel transportation insurance

EEBD      Business transportation records and reports

EF         Food Services [PDF]

                              EF-R   Food Services (Administrative Rule)   [PDF]

EFA       Food purchasing/selection

EFAB    Use of surplus commodities

EFB      Menu development/options

EFC      Free and reduced price food services

EFD     Pricing of and payment of food services

EFDA     Collection of money/food tickets Competitive food sales/vending machines

EFE     Adult food services

EFF     Catering and food services at school activities/events

EFG    Food service sanitation program

EFH    Food services records and reports

       EFI      Food services records and reports

EG         Office services

EGA     Communication services

EGAA    Data processing

EGAB    Photocopying services

EGAC    Printing, production and graphic arts services

EGAD   Copyright compliance[PDF]

EGAE    Mail and delivery services

     EGAEA  Electronic mail

     EGAEB  FAX service

     EGAF    Telephone service

EGB       Clerical services

EGC       Notary public

EGD       Use of technology in office services

EGE       Office services records and reports

EH         Data management

EHA       Computerized data systems

    EHAA       Computer security

EHB          Data/Records retention[PDF]

EI          Insurance program/risk management [PDF]

EIA         Property insurance

EIB         Liability insurance

EIC        Self-insurance/Insurance pools

This Table of Contents contains all available policy topics for this section. It is not required that the district have a policy for each topic.

The School District of Edgefield County