FA     Facilities development goals/priority objectives [PDF]

    FAA           Evaluation of facilities planning and development

FB    Facilities planning [PDF]

   FBA             Planning advisers

   FBB              Enrollment projections

FC     Buildings accommodations

   FCA             Combining schools

   FCB             Closing schools

   FCC            Temporary school facilities

FD     Facilities funding

   FDA             Bond campaigns

FE     Facilities construction

   FEA            Educational specifications for construction

   FEB            Architect/Engineer/Construction Manager

   FEC            Use of consultants in facilities construction

   FED           Construction plans and specifications

        FEDA        Site plans

FEDB        Construction plans

FEDC        Construction equipment and materials

    FEE          Site acquisition

    FEF          Construction cost estimates

    FEG          Construction contracts bidding and award

FEGA       Contractor’s fair employment clause

FEGB    Contractor’s affidavits and guarantee

       FEH       Supervision of construction

FEI        Construction of recreational facilities

FEJ        Construction records and reports

FF          Naming Facilities[PDF]

FFA       Memorials

FFB       Names on plaques

FG    Board inspection and acceptance of new facilities

FH     Board inspection and acceptance of new facilities

FJ      Facilities renovations/improvements

This Table of Contents contains all available policy topics for this section. It is not required that the district have a policy for each topic.

The School District of Edgefield County