IA —Instructional goals and learning objectives [PDF]

IB —Academic freedom [PDF]

IC — School Year [PDF]

ICA School Calendar

ICB Extended school year

        ICC Year-round school

ID — School Day [PDF]

IDA Evening instructional activities

IE — Organization of instruction [PDF]

IF Instructional approach

IFA Heterogeneous/Homogeneous ability grouping

IFB Active/Passive learning

IFC Multiculturalism

IFD Continuous progress education

IFE Nongraded education

IG Curriculum development, adoption and review [PDF]

IGA Curriculum development

IGB Curriculum research

IGC Pilot projects

IGD Curriculum adoption

IGE Curriculum guides and course outlines

IGF Curriculum review

IH  Curriculum programs

IHA Basic instructional program [PDF]

IHAA— English/Reading/Writing/Language arts education [PDF]

IHAB— Mathematics education[PDF]

IHAC — Social Studies education [PDF]

IHAD— Science education [PDF]

IHAE— Physical education [PDF]

IHAF— Arts education [PDF]

IHAG— Music education [PDF]

IHAH — Foreign language education [PDF]

IHAI—    Vocational-technical education

IHAJ — Computer/Technology literacy [PDF]

IHAK — Citizenship/Values education [PDF]

IHAL— Teaching about religion [PDF]

IHAM — Health education [PDF]

IHAM-E   Health Education  (Exhibit- Opt-Out Form) [PDF]

IHAMA Teaching about drugs, alcohol and tobacco

IHAMB Family life/sex education


IHAN— Driver education [PDF]

IHAO — Environmental education [PDF]

IHAP Consumer education

IHAQ— Career/Transition-to-work education [PDF]


IHBSpecial instructional programs

IHBA — Special education /Programs for the handicapped/disabled students [PDF]

IHBB — Gifted and talented education [PDF]

IHBC — Programs for at-risk/disadvantaged students (Title I, Parenting programs) [PDF]

IHBCA Programs for pregnant/parenting students

IHBCB Programs for substance abusers

IHBCC Programs for children in at-risk families

IHBD — Compensatory education [ PDF]

IHBDA— Remedial instruction [PDF]

IHBDB Tutoring programs

IHBDC Acceleration of at-risk students

IHBE Bilingual instruction

IHBEA— English as second language [PDF]

IHBF — Homebound instruction [PDF]

IHBG— Home schooling [PDF]

IHBG-R— Administrative Rule Home Schooling [PDF]

IHBH— Charter Schools [PDF]

IHBHA Alternative schools

IHBHB Magnet schools

IHBHC Weekend/Night School

IHBI Kindergarten programs

IHBIA Half-day/Full-day kindergarten

IHBIB — Primary/Pre-primary education (Child development) [PDF]

IHC— Class Ranking [PDF]

IHCA — Summer school [PDF]

IHCB Travel study

IHCC Honors program

IHCD—  Advanced college placement [PDF]

   IHCD-R – Advanced college placement (Administrative Rule) [PDF]

IHCE School camps

IHCEA School-sponsored camps

IHCEB Camps conducted by outside groups/organizations

IHCF— Child care programs [PDF]

IHCFA School-based child care

IHCFB Latchkey programs

IHCFC Preschool child care

IHD— Adult/Community education [PDF]

IHDA Adult basic education

IHDB Adult high school/GED programs

IHDC Adult vocational’/career education

IHDD Community education

II Instructional arrangements

IIA — Grouping and instruction [PDF]

IIB Class size

IIC Scheduling classes

IID Pull-out programs

IIE Student schedules and course loads

IIF Team teaching

IIG Differentiated staffing

IIH Mixed classes

III Independent study

IIJ Individualized instruction

IIK Contracting for instruction/performance contracting

IIL Open classrooms

IM Nongraded classrooms

IIN Cooperative learning

IIO Peer tutoring

IJ — Instructional resources and materials [PDF]

IJA —Comparability of Services [PDF]

IJB Mathematics resources and materials

IJC Social studies resources and materials

IJD Science resources and materials

IJE Arts and music resources and materials

IJF Physical education resources and materials

IJG Health education resources and materials

IJH Foreign language resources and materials

IJI Vocational-technical resources and materials

IJJ— Textbook selection and adoption [PDF]

IJK— Supplementary materials selection and adoption [PDF]

IJKA— Technology resource selection and adoption [PDF]

IJL—  Library materials selection and adoption [PDF]

IJM Special interest materials selection and adoption

IJN Instructional services

IJNA Teacher aides

IJNB Resource teachers

IJNC Resource centers/media centers/school libraries

IJNCA Professional library

IJND Technology resources

IJNDA Computer-assisted instruction

IJNDB — Use of technology resources in instruction [PDF]

IJO Community learning resources

IJOA — Field trips [PDF]

IJOA-R— Field Trips – Administrative Rule [PDF]

IJOB— Community resource persons/speakers [PDF]

IJOC — School volunteers [PDF]

IK Academic achievement

IKA — Grading/Assessment Systems [PDF]

IKA-R — Grading/Assessment Systems (Administrative Rule) [PDF]

IKAA Tests and examinations

IKAB— Report cards/progress reports [PDF]

IKAC Conferences

IKACA — Parent conferences [PDF]

IKACB Student conferences

IKAD Grade adjustment

IKB— Homework [PDF]

IKC— Academic Honor Graduates and Class Rankings [PDF]

IKD — Honor rolls [PDF]

IKE— Promotion, retention and acceleration of students [PDF]

    IKE-R – Promotion, and acceleration of students   Administrative Rule [PDF]

IKF— Graduation requirement[PDF]

IKF-R Administrative Rule Graduation Requirements [PDF]

IKFA Early graduation

IKFB Graduation exercises

IL — Evaluation of Instructional Programs [PDF]

ILA Test/Assessment selection

ILB— Test/Assessment administration [PDF]

ILB-R— Test/Assessment Administration Administrative Rule [PDF]

ILBA District program assessment

ILBB — State program assessment [PDF]

ILBC National program assessments

ILC Use and dissemination of assessment results

ILD Educational surveys and research

IM Miscellaneous instructional policies

IMA Teaching methods

IMB— Teaching about controversial/sensitive issues [PDF]

IMBA Alternative learning experiences

IMBB Exemptions from required instruction

IMBC Opt-out procedures for alternative instruction

IMC Controversial speakers/programs

IMD— School ceremonies and observances [PDF]

IMDA Patriotic exercises

IMDB— Flag displays ] [PDF]

IMDC— Religious observances and displays [PDF]

IME School assemblies

IMF School fairs

IMG Animals in schools

IMH Class interruptions

This Table of Contents contains all available policy topics for this section. It is not required that the district have a policy for each topic.

The School District of Edgefield County