JA –  Student policies goals/priority objectives [PDF]

JAA- Evaluation of student policies and services

JB-   Equal educational opportunities[PDF]

JBA- Discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, disability, religion or sex

JC –   School attendance areas

JCAAssignment of students to school [PDF]

JCAA- School districting/redistricting procedures

JCAB- Desegregation plans

JD –   School census

JE –   Student attendance [PDF]

JEB-  Entrance age requirements [PDF]

JEB-REntrance age requirements  (Administrative Rule) [PDF]

JF-  Student admissions to/withdrawals from school

JFA – Admission procedure

JFAA  Admission of resident students [PDF]

JFAB – Admission of nonresident students [PDF]

JFABA – Nonresident tuition charges

JFABB –  Admission of exchange and foreign students [PDF]

JFABC – Admission of transfer students

JFABDAdmission of homeless students [PDF]

JFABD-RAdmission of Homeless Students Admins. Rule [[PDF]

JFABE – Admission of Limited English Proficiency and Migrant Students  [PDF]

JFB- School choice/open enrollment[PDF]

JFBA- Intra-district choice/open enrollment

JFBB- Inter-district choice/open enrollment

JFBC-  School choice voucher programs

JFBD- Magnet school programs

JFC- Student withdrawal from school/Drop-outs [PDF]

JFCA- Student re-entry to school

JG-   Assignment of students to classes and grade levels

JGA- Assignment of new students to classes and grade levels

JGB- Assignment of continuing students to classes

JH-  Student absences and excuses [PDF] ISSUED 10/12

JHA – Tardiness

JHB – Truancy

JHBA- Attendance officer

JHBB – Attendance monitoring/accounting

JHC – Released time for student

JHCA -Open/Closed campus

JHCBReleased time for religious instruction [PDF]

JHD – Exclusions and exemptions from school attendance

JI Student rights and responsibilities (Sexual harassment) [PDF]

JIA – Student due process rights

JIB – Student involvement in decision making [PDF]

JIBA – Student government

JIBB – Student member of school board

JIBC – Student advisory councils

JIC-  Student conduct [PDF]

JICAStudent dress [PDF]

JICB – Care of school property by student

JICC – Student conduct on school buses

JICD – Student conduct in school

JICDA – Code of Conduct  [PDF]

JICDA-RCode of conduct (Administrative Rule) [PDF]

JICDB- Student conduct in halls

JICDBA- Hall passes

JICE  – Student publications

JICEASchool-related student publications[PDF]

JICEB-  Underground student publications

JICF- Secret societies/gang activity [PDF]

JICFA – Hazing

JICFAAHarassment, Intimidation or Bullying [PDF]

JICG –Tobacco use by students [PDF]

JICH Drug and alcohol use by students [PDF]

JICIWeapons in school [PDF]

JICJ   – Possession/Use of Electronic Communication Devices[PDF] 12-13

JICJ-E – Edgefield County School District’s Social Media Guidelines and policy [PDF]

JID – Students of legal age

JIEPregnant students [PDF]

JIFStudents with children [PDF]

JIGMarried students [PDF]

JIHStudent interrogations, searches and arrests[PDF]

JIHA – Locker searches

JIHB – Parking lot searches

JIHC – Use of metal detectors

JIIStudent concerns, complaints and grievances [PDF]

JIJ – Student protests, demonstrations and strikes

JJStudent activities (co curricular and extracurricular)[PDF]

JJAStudent organizations [PDF]

JJAB – Limited open/closed forums [PDF]

JJB –  Student social events

JJC- Student performances/exhibits/competition

JJD – Student activities fees

JJEStudent fund-raising activities [PDF]

JJFStudent Activities Funds [PDF]

JJGContests for students [PDF]

JJHStudent travel Student athletics [PDF]

JJI –  Student Athletics  [PDF]

JJIA –  Intramural sports

JJIB – Interscholastic  sports

JJIC –  Eligibility/minimum standards for participation [PDF]

JJID –  Extracurricular Participation By Charter, Cyber, Or Home Schooled Students [PDF]

JJID-E – Athletic Participant Application and Permission Form  [PDF]

JJIE – Drug and steroid use in school athletics

JJJ – Extracurricular activity eligibility

JK – Student discipline [PDF]

JKA Corporal punishment [PDF]

JKB –  Detention of students

JKCProbation of students [PDF]

JKD – Suspension of students[PDF]

JKEExpulsion of students[PDF]

JL –  Student welfare/safety

JLAStudent insurance programs [PDF]

JLB – Student financial aid program

JLC – Student health services and requirements

JLCA – Physical examinations of students

JLCB – Immunization of student

JLCC –  Communicable/Infections diseases [PDF]

JLCCA –  Students with HIV/AIDS

JLCDAdministering medicines to students [PDF]

JLCDBUse of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors [PDF]

JLCDC – Food Allergies and Special Dietary Needs [PDF]

JLCDC-R – Food Allergies and Special Dietary Needs Administrative Rule [PDF]

JLCEFirst aid and emergency medical care [PDF]

JLCEF  – Concussions and Student Athletes [PDF]

JLCEF-R – Concussions and Student Athletes Administrative Rule [PDF]

JLCF- School Nurses

JLDGuidance and counseling [PDF]

JLDA – School counselors and psychologists

JLDAA – Confidentiality of student communications

JLDAB – Referral of students of other agencies

JLDAC – Screening/Testing of students

JLDB – At-risk student behaviors

JLDBA – Identification, interventions and postvention procedures for student problems

JLDBB –  Self-esteem promotion/Suicide prevention [PDF]

JLDBC – Substance abuse counseling

JLDBD-  Child abuse/neglect counseling[PDF]

JLDBE – Peer Counseling

JLDBF -Mentor teaching/Caring adult program

JLDC – Career/Postsecondary education counseling

JLE – Student social services

JLEA -Home visits

JLFStudent Welfare  [PDF]

JLG  -Homeless students

JLH –  Missing students

JLI –   Student safety

JLIA-  Supervision of students

JLIBStudent dismissal precautions [PDF]

JLIC – Safety patrols

JLID  – Student bicycle use

JLIE   – Student automobile use and parking

JM – Student awards, honors and scholarships

JN  – Student volunteers for school and community service

JO  – Employment of students

JP  – Student donations and gifts

JQStudent fees, fines and charges [PDF]

JQA- Collection of money from students

JR – Student information

JRAStudent Records [PDF]

JRA-R – Student Records Administrative Rule [PDF]

JRB – Student lists

JRC – Release of information on students

JRD  – Student photographs

This Table of Contents contains all available policy topics for this section. It is not required that the district have a policy for each topic.

The School District of Edgefield County