KA      School-community-home relations goals/priority objectives [PDF]

    KAA      Evaluation of School-community-home relations

KB      Parent involvement in education  [PDF]

   KBA      School-parent relations goals

   KBB      Parent rights and responsibilities [PDF]

           KBBA    Custodial and noncustodial parent rights and responsibilities

   KBBB    Surrogate parent rights and responsibilities

   KBC      Parent involvement in decision making

   KBE      Relations with parent organizations [PDF]

KBE-R  Relation with Parent Organization [PDF]

KC     Community involvement in education [PDF]

   KCA     School community relations goals [PDF]

   KCB     Community involvement in decision making

         KCBA     Measuring community attitudes/surveys/questionnaires and survey research

         KCBB     Use of polling and survey research

  KCC       Community involvement in school elections

        KCCB     Community involvement in budget reference
KCD       Public gifts/donations to schools [PDF]

KD    Public information and communications[PDF]

   KDA      Public information/school communications program

   KDB     Public’s right to know/freedom of information[PDF]

   KDC     School-sponsored information media

         KDCA    Use of students in public information program

   KDD     Media relations [PDF]

   KDDA  Press releases, conferences and interviews [PDF]

  KDDB    Sports and special events media coverage

  KDE      Crisis management/communications

KE     Public concerns and complaints[PDF]

   KEA    Public concerns/complaints about policies

   KEB    Public concerns/complaints about personnel

   KEC   Public concerns/complaints about instructional resources [PDF]

          KED   Public concerns/complaints about facilities and service

KF     Community use of school facilities[PDF]

   KFA    Public conduct on school property

   KFB    Community use of school buildings

   KFC    Community use of school fields and grounds

KG   Business and industry involvement in education[PDF]

 KGA     School foundations

KGB      Adopt-a-school programs

KGC     Cooperative programming with business and industry

KGD     Business and industry donations/joint ventures with schools

KH              Solicitations in schools
KHA           Public solicitations in schools

KHB           Advertising in schools

KHC           Distribution/Posting of promotional materials [PDF]

KHD           Business solicitations in schools

KHE           Political solicitations in schools [PDF]

KI               Visitors to schools [PDF]

KIA      Identification procedures

KJ              Relations with community organizations

        KJA     Relations with booster organizations

KJB      Relations with neighborhood/community associations

KJC      Relations with churches

KJD      Relations with youth organizations

KJE      Relations with community/private social services organizations

KJF      Relations with labor organizations

KJG     Relations with Indian tribal councils

KJH     Relations with child care providers

KJI      Relations with senior citizens

KK               Relations with professional associations

KL               Relations with government authorities

KLA      Relations with financial/tax authorities

KLB      Relations with election authorities

KLC     Relations with social service agencies

KLD     Relations with housing authorities

KLE     Relations with health and welfare agencies

KLF     Relations with parks and recreation agencies

KLG    Relations with law enforcement authorities[PDF]

                      KLGA  School Resource Officer   [PDF]

KLH     Relations with fire and emergency preparedness authorities

KLI               Relations with environmental protection agencies

KLJ     Relations with planning and zoning authorities

KLK    Relations with local government authorities

KLKA  Relations with municipals authorities

KLKB  Relations with county/regional authorities

KLL    Relations with state government authorities

KLM   Relations with federal government authorities

KLMA Relations with military agencies/armed forces

KM      Relations with cultural institutions

This Table of Contents contains all available policy topics for this section. It is not required that the district have a policy for each topic.

The School District of Edgefield County