GA –  Personnel goals/priority objectives  [PDF]

GAA –  Evaluation of personnel system

GB –  General personnel policies

        GBA   –  Open hiring/equal employment opportunity and affirmative action [PDF]

        GBAA – Harassment    [PDF]

GBAB –   Pay equity

        GBB  –    Staff involvement in decision making [PDF]

        GBC –     Staff compensation    [PDF]

GBD –      Communications with staff

        GBE –      Staff rights and responsibilities   [PDF]

       GBEA –    Staff ethics/conflict of interests  [PDF]

       GBEB –    Staff Conduct [PDF]

       GBEBA – Staff dress code   [PDF]

GBEBB –  Staff conduct with students

       GBEBC –  Gifts to and solicitations by staff [PDF]

       GBEBDA- Criminal Record Checks  [PDF]

       GBEC – Drug-free workplace [PDF]

       GBED – Tobacco-free schools/Staff no smoking/Smoking  [PDF]

GBF – Staff working on federal/state grants

GBG – Staff welfare/protection  [PDF]

GBGA – Staff health   [PDF]

GBGB – Staff personal security and safety

GBGC – Employee assistance/wellness programs

GBGD – Workers’ compensation  [PDF]

GBH – Staff participation in community activities   [PDF]

GBI – Staff participation in political activities  [PDF]

GBJ- Personnel records and files [PDF]

GBJA – Confidential information and disclosure of information

GBJB –  Access to personnel files

GBK – Staff concerns/complaints/grievances   [PDF]

GBL – Staff awards and recognition

GC – Professional staff  [PDF]

GCA – Professional staff positions [PDF]

GCAA – Instructional staff position

GCAAA – Teacher positions

GCAAB – Guidance and health positions

GCAAC – Resource staff positions

GCAB – Administrative staff positions

GCB – Professional staff contracts and compensation [PDF]

GCBA – Instructional staff contracts/compensations/salary schedules

       GCBAA – Merit/Performance pay for instructional staff

GCBC – Professional staff supplementary pay plans/overtime

GCBD – Professional staff fringe benefits  [PDF]

GCC – Professional Staff Leave and Absences  [PDF]

GCCA – Instructional staff leaves and absences

GCCAA – Instructional staff sick leave

GCCAAA-  Sick leave bank

GCCAB- Instructional staff personal/emergency/legal/religious leave

GCCAC – Instructional staff maternity/paternity/parental leave

GCCAD -Instructional staff military leave

GCCAE- Instructional staff military leave

GCCAF-Instructional staff sabbaticals

GCCB-Administrative staff leaves and absences

GCCBA-Administrative staff sick leave
GCCBB-Administrative staff personal/emergency/legal/religious leave

GCCBC- Administrative staff maternity/paternity/parental leave

GCCBD- dministrative staff military leave

GCCBE -Administrative staff conferences/training/Workshops

GCCBF- Administrative staff sabbaticals

GCD-Professional staff vacations and holidays [PDF]

GCDA- Instructional staff vacations and holidays

GCDB- Administrative staff vacations and holidays

GCE –  Professional staff recruiting  [PDF]

GCEA -Instructional staff vacations and holidays

GCEB-Recruiting of administrative staff

GCEC –Posting and advertising of professional staff vacancies [PDF]

GCF – Professional staff hiring [PDF]

GCFA -Hiring of instructional staff

GCFB- Hiring of administrative staff   [PDF]

GCFC-  Professional staff certification and credential requirements

GCFD-Shortage of professional staff

GCG-  Part-time and substitute professional staff employment [PDF]

GCGA-Qualifications of substitute staff

GCGB-Arrangements of substitute staff

GCGC-Job sharing in professional staff positions

GCH- Professional staff orientation and training

GCHA- Mentor teacher

GCHB- Mentor administrators

GCI- Professional staff development     [PDF]

GCIA-Philosophy of staff development

GCIB-Inservice requirements for instructional staff

GCIC- nservice requirements for administrative staff

GCID- Professional staff training, workshops and conferences

GCIE- Professional staff continuing education

GCJ- Professional staff probation, tenure and seniority

GCJA- Instructional staff seniority

GCJB- Administrative staff seniority

GCK-  Professional staff assignments and transfers [PDF]

GCKA- Instructional staff assignments and transfers

GCKB- Administrative staff assignments and transfers

GCL-  Professional staff schedules and calendars

GCLA-Length of instructional staff work day

GCLB-Length of administrative staff work day

GCLC-Length of instructional staff school year

GCLD-Length of administrative staff school year

GCM- Professional staff work load

GCMA-Professional staff planning time

GCMB -Professional staff office hours

GCMC- Parent conferences, staff meetings, and school meetings

GCMD –Instructional staff extra duty      [PDF]

GCME – Administrative staff extra duty

GCN -Supervision of professional staff

GCNA- Supervision of instructional staff  [PDF]

GCNB- Supervision of administrative staff

GCO- Evaluation of professional staff  [PDF]

GCOA- Evaluation of instructional staff [PDF]

GCOB- Accountability of instructional staff

GCOC-  Evaluation of administrative staff

GCOD- Accountability of administrative staff

GCP-Professional staff promotions and reclassification

GCQ- Professional staff termination of employment

GCQA Professional staff termination of employment [PDF]

 GCQB – Administrative staff reduction in force  [PDF]

 GCQC – Resignation of instructional staff  [PDF]

 GCQD – Resignation of administrative staff [PDF]

 GCQE –  Retirement of professional staff     [PDF]

 GCQF – Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff   [PDF]  

 GCR   –  Nonschool employment of professional staff   [PDF]

 GCRA-   Nonschool employment of instructional staff

GCRB –   Nonschool employment of administrative staff

GCRC –   Staff consulting activities

GCRD –  Tutoring for pay[PDF]

GCS – Professional research and publishing

GCT – Professional research and publishing

GCU – Professional staff membership in professional and union organizations

GCV-   Professional staff facilities

GD – Support/Classified staff  [PDF]

GDA –Support staff positions  [PDF]

GDAA -Fiscal management and office positions

GDAB -Building and grounds management positions

GDAC -Transportation and food management positions

GDB  –Support staff contracts and compensation [PDF]

GDBA – Support staff salary schedules

GDBB – Merit/Performance pay for support staff

GDBC – Support staff supplementarypay/overtime     [PDF]

GDBD – Support staff supplementary pay/overtime    [PDF]

GDC – Support staff leaves and absences [PDF]

GDCA- Support staff sick leave

GDCB-  Support staff personal/emergency/legal/religious leave

GDCC-  Support staff maternity/paternity/parental leave

GDCD-  Support staff military leave

GDCE – Support staff conferences/training/workshops

GDD-  Support staff vacations and holidays [PDF]

GDE-  Support staff recruiting

GDEA- Posting and advertising of support staff vacancies

GDF-  Support staff hiring[PDF]

GDFA-  Support Staff Hiring (Paraprofessionals)   [PDF]

GDFB – Support staff selection process

GDF – Shortage of support staff

GDG-  Part-time and substitute support staff employment

GDGA- Qualifications of support staff substitutes

GDGB – Arrangements for support staff substitutes

GDGC- Job-sharing in support staff positions

GDH – Support staff orientation and training

GDI- Support staff probation, tenure and seniority

GDJ-  Support staff schedules and calendars [PDF]

GDKA – Length of support staff work day

GDKB  – Length of support staff school year

GDL  – Support staff work load

GDLA – Support staff extra duty

GDLB- Length of support staff school year

GDM – Length of support staff school year

GDMA – Philosophy of career development

GDMB  -Support staff training, conferences and workshops

GDMC -Support staff inservice requirements

GDMD  -Support staff continuing education

GDN  – Supervision of support staff

GDO- Evaluation of support staff  [PDF]

GDOQ- Accountability of support staff

GDP -Support staff promotions and reclassification

GDQ -Support staff termination of employment

GDQA -Support staff reduction in force   [PDF]

GDQB -Support staff resignation    [PDF]

GDQC – Retirement of support staff      [PDF]

GDQD –Discipline, suspension and dismissal of support staff    [PDF]

GDR –Nonschool employment by support staff     [PDF]

GDS -Support staff membership in professional/union organizations

GDT -Support Staff facilities

This Table of Contents contains all available policy topics for this section.  It is not required that the district have a policy for each topic.


The School District of Edgefield County