GED Program


The General Educational Development (GED) program is an alternative for earning a South Carolina High School lcredential. This program is for adults lacking the number of credits necessary to complete the Adult High School Diploma route within a year or have extenuating circumstances beyond their control.

Students who pass each of the five test areas with a minimum score of 410 and a total score of 2250 will receive a high school equivalency diploma issued by the SC Department of Education. Students who earn a GED are eligible to participate in our annual graduation exercise.

All students whishing to enter a GED preparation class are required to complete an initial assessment (link to assessment schedule) and attend an orientation session before beginning class.

Classes are offered both day and evening at Johnston Learning Center.

Fast Track GED Class

In addition to regular GED classes, Adult Education offers a short-term GED preparation course for qualified candidates. The course offers a brief but intensive program of study. Students who score particularly well on the initial assessment are encouraged to attend our Fast Track class.

GED Online

GED Online is offered to those students not able to attend classes regularly. In order to enroll in GED online you must meet the following requirements:

1. Have a home computer or access to a computer with Windows 98 or high operating system.

2. Attend an orientation/registration session, which includes an assessment.

3. Sign a GED On-line E-Student Contract, which requires you to log a minimum of 4 hours of on-line GED study per week.

4. Complete the GED online tutorial.


For more information about Life Long Learning Programs in Edgefield County,

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