High School Diploma Program


A South Carolina High School Diploma can be earned through the Edgefield County Adult Education program.. An adult must earn twenty-four units and pass the South Carolina Exit Exam to qualify for a high school diploma. Students who have earned at least sixteen units, through an accredited high school, may transfer those units to adult education and work towards earning a South Carolina High School Diploma. Students with less than 16 units will be placed in the GED Program.


Required Diploma Credits


Subject                 Units


English                      4

Math                          4

U. S. History              1

Economics                 ½

Government               ½

Social Studies            1

Science                      3

Computer Science     1

Electives                    9


Total                         24


Type of Unit Credit


Adults may earn high school units by completing the required work and attending class for a minimum of 60 class hours per unit.

All students wishing to enter the Adult High School Diploma Program are required to complete an initial assessment and attend an orientation session before beginning class.

Classes are offered both day and evening at the Johnston Learnining Center.



<p>IFRAME support required.</p>