No Show and Withdrawal Procedures
No Show Students
1. Determine if there are any students that
were scheduled to attend your school but
did not show up.
2. Codes
If a student is in Grades 7-12 and
is a No Show: Refer to the School
Dropout Policies and Procedures
Manual to determine if a student is
considered a dropout.
2012 Policies and Procedures Manual for
Dropout Collectio
Withdrawing Students
Any Student Withdrawing from the
School or District
1. Print a Student Attendance Report to
put in permanent record
2. Print the PowerSchool Withdrawl
Form and obtain appropriate signatures.
3. PowerSchool Withdrawal Form will
print stored grades for each quarter.
Teachers will need to print any other
grade information from PowerTeacher if
4. Withdrawal Circumstances
a. Withdraw students due to Unlawful
Student should be dropped from
membership on the day when the
number of unlawful days absent
exceeds ten (10) consecutive days
(the 11th day).
b. Withdraw students due to transfers
Student should be dropped from
membership on the day the student
leaves school because of:
Legal withdrawal
Other reasons
5. Inactivate Student