South Carolina’s political leaders recognize Career and Technology Education Centers (CATE) require additional funding as compared to other schools. CATE center’s programs need equipment and materials to prepare students for careers. The resources needed to prepare the students for employment range from state-of-the-art computers to welding equipment; all of which are expensive.

The process of determining funding priorities for STCTC brings multiple stakeholders to the table. STCTC and each of its programs have an advisory committee. The members of the advisory committees provide insight to STCTC’s staff regarding needs of their industries as well as the local community at large. In addition, South Carolina’s CATE personnel, STCTC’s teachers, students, parents, and administration provide input in the development of the Local Plan submitted to the state. “The more people involved and the more information we have to make decisions, the more effective STCTC becomes,” noted Arthur Northrop, STCTC Director.

STCTC’s two main funding sources are EIA equipment and Perkins. EIA are funds provided by South Carolina and Perkins funds are federal. STCTC submits a Local Plan to the state each year detailing exactly what will be purchased for the school and how the expenditures prepare students for immediate employment after graduation or to continue their educations in a postsecondary setting. “As teachers we have input about the equipment and materials that are purchased for our programs,” explained Bill Cheatham, STCTC Welding Technology instructor.

In addition to obtaining EIA and Perkins funding, STCTC regularly submits public and private sector grants. During the past two years STCTC has received over $100,000 beyond the normal CATE levels of funding for some of its programs. Almost half of this funding was from the private sector. Governments, businesses and industries recognize their needs and channel resources to CATE schools to ensure a steady supply of qualified workers for the local and the US economy.

Partnerships and collaboration are essential for STCTC to meet the needs of Edgefield County’s youth. Only with the input of information and resource support from stakeholders can STCTC fulfill its mission.

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